The 10th Anniversary

Woman To Woman Empowerment Symposium

“Softer Side Seminars celebrates 10 years of
women and girls!”

Saturday, November 4, 2017 | 11:00AM to 2:00PM


Softer Side Seminars, Daughters of Zion, and Ruths Way,
as we spend some time looking at:


– Cultivating Self Esteem in Girls and Young Women


– The Importance of a Healthy Sense of Self


– Why we need to START EARLY



Past Events

2008 — Are You Flying, Have You Found Your Wings?

2009 — Who Is that Masked Woman, Be Yourself

2010 — “Maintaining Your Soaring Altitude

2012 — “living Life o Purpose, Not on Accident

2013 — BALANCING YOUR LIFE:  Knowing How to connect All the Pieces

2015 — GIRLS WHO WILL BE WOMEN: Let’s Hear Their Voices

2016 — STREAMING SELF ESTEEM FROM: One to the Other


Upcoming Event!

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I was so blessed by today's symposium, and I'm looking forward to what will be birthed out of the connections we made. Renee P. Aldrich thank you for the platform for us to come together not only to share but to be fed by one another and empowered to get out of those stuck places. Blessings to you all!