‘Trust, love, honor and respect the beautiful, gifted woman God made when he made you”…Embrace the Softer Side

As Women we are called to enter into a softer more loving relationship with ourselves.

What does this Mean?

That for too long we have been  trapped in a cycle of guilt from past mistakes, low self esteem, and feelings of inadequacies.  We believe the negative identifiers that others have used about us.

We don’t believe that we can rise out of our situations, the main reason we don’t believe we can, is because we have convinced ourselves that we do not deserve  to be in a better place in life

We allow ourselves to be abused by others, and we add to the abuse by placing the needs of others in our life above ours.


Upcoming Event!

I was so blessed by today's symposium, and I'm looking forward to what will be birthed out of the connections we made. Renee P. Aldrich thank you for the platform for us to come together not only to share but to be fed by one another and empowered to get out of those stuck places. Blessings to you all!